BluePlanet SA makes a strong case for bio-remediation as an alternative to mechanical or manual desludging.

The project:

Working with regional BluePlanet SA reseller, Danya Retail CC and Improchem, who conducted daily water analyses as a purely independent observer, high volumes of sludge in the Parys WWTW, as well as blockages in the trickle Towers which were leading to overflowing, lead to a situation where the plant did not conform to Department of Waterworks standards.

Once the plan had been set for the remediation, BluePlanet SA applied a 3 month inoculation dose to target sludge, in order to conform to standards within the short space of two months, and the remediation, after 9 weeks of results from continued analysis and comparison, was deemed a success.

Because of the volume of suspended solids, phosphates, ammonia and COD that had decreased from inlet to outlet, this remediation proves that not only did BluePlanet SA manage to eliminate sludge build up throughout the plant, the products used improved the efficiency of the plant to twice its design capacity during operation!

Cost effectiveness, efficiency and environmentally friendly is what BluePlanet SA is about! As the South African distributer for their Bio-Technology Company parent company in the US, BluePlanet SA, this team is proud to be associated with theĀ  with the development of bacterial formulations, safe for nature, produced to better any recycling process of nutrients and waste for a very broad base of applications.

This is pioneering in its fortieth year, and the pioneering of new formulations is not going to stop for BluePlanet, their vision is to invest in the future by developing technologies ahead of their time, as well as, very importantly, finding new ways to positively impact global food production and the growing environmental challenges we are facing.

The results:

The trickle towers are unblocked and flowing as they should, excess sludge build up in primary clarifiers were remediated and algae growth eliminated. The overwhelming odour around the plant is now under control, and will remain so.

There can be no stronger case than just this one example for the use of bio-remediation in place of old methods such as mechanical or manual desludging, and BluePlanet SA has gone a long way on many projects, across varied applications, to continue changing the way that remediation and wastewater management systems are carried out.

This is the sole responsibility of any industry producing effluent, and as standards are becoming increasingly high, BluePlanet SA is ready to assist all industry, agriculture, aquaculture and sewage plants, as well as to keep our open bodies of water safe and clean for the creation of a healthier, greener environment in South Africa!

Simply taking a look at the possibilities for a healthier, cleaner environment through the use of AquaClean and what it can do with the technology developed by BluePlanet SA, which optimises anaerobic and aerobic process to do everything from lowering operating costs of wastewater treatment plants to the remediation of oil spills in-situ, makes this bio-technology the only way to head into the future!

If you would like all the technical supporting documentation on this project, including the independent water analysis, all you need do is ask the team, they have even more up their sleeve to share!



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