BluePlanet SA is committed to providing environmentally safe solutions for wastewater management in South Africa!

AquaClean may well have been born at the hands of the bio-technology company BluePlanet LLC based in the US, but, the South African baby of this company in the form of BluePlanet SA, has already dug its roots in deep by making this environmentally safe wastewater treatment product a frontline defence for the protection of the natural resources in Africa, which is still one of the healthiest continents left!

In Africa, industry came far later than it did to other continents, we have always been considered a third world country, which may still help a little for us in terms of taking the right action to protect the environment from the damage that wastewater from many industries can cause; we haven’t had as many centuries worth of damage done yet, and, although the impact of wastewater on all forms of life is still huge, the faster we take action, the easier it will be to have an even healthier environment to share with the future.

Practical field trials are where the mettle of any product is tested, and BluePlanet SA has not skimped on this! In-situ trials have been carried out successfully in over 35 countries worldwide, proving that AquaClean works across the many applications and conditions in which it has been tested.

Proven successful in a broad range of applications such as municipal sewage plants, aquaculture, agriculture and other environmental projects, including environmental remediation, AquaClean is proof of what dedicated field trials and over 40 years of university studies can achieve towards a better future!

And it’s not going to stop there, there is a lot of mopping up to do with the mess we have managed to make of our beautiful blue planet, which means that BluePlanet SA is going to continue to introduce new environmentally friendly solutions to South Africa in the near future.

The technicalities of AquaClean products are not really meant for the average man in the street to compute, however, they are proprietary formulas based on being clever enough to target select bacteria for specific applications, and the bacteria formulas are grown and stabilised for long shelf life, and are also exceptionally easy to apply in the field – hence in-situ!

Because of the broad base of practical experience gained by the teams at BluePlanet SA, they are able to assist all clients in developing economical, sustainable treatment plans that are designed for their specific requirements, making AquaClean a highly adaptable solution to wastewater management.

Over and above the positive impact that AquaClean has on wastewater management in industrial production facilities and the effective degrading of organic wastes, AquaClean is also exceptional in restoring natural balance to crop soil and downstream waterways in Agriculture.

If you really want to invest in the future of our country and of our planet, start by contacting the team at BluePlanet SA for more information about the sound alternative to harmful chemicals that AquaClean is in managing any wastewater and other environmental concerns!

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