BluePlanet SA – home to innovative chemical-free wastewater treatments & products!

BluePlanet South Africa is proud to be the African distributor of chemical-free wastewater solutions developed by parent company, BluePlanet LLC in the US, bringing innovative ecologically safe wastewater treatment plans and products to Africa in the form of AquaClean products.

AquaClean is the result of cutting edge research in biotechnology, designed for use in a multitude of applications, from commercial manufacturing plants and processes to agriculture, aquaculture, sewage plant management and environmental remediation.

The team at BluePlanet SA is passionate about the environment, which bolsters their commitment to assist clients in creating environmentally safe wastewater treatment plans in order to move away from outdated chemical processes that have done more damage than good to our natural resources.

AquaClean has proven highly effective in environmental remediation, which, at its core, is simply a form of treatment, containment and removal of any toxic or hazardous waste that can pose a danger to humans and to the environment, and AquaClean does it in such a way that no further damage is inflicted on the area to be remediated – using chemical agents to deal with environmental remediation is damaging and will ultimately impact the environment negatively in the long run.

The principle at BluePlanet SA is to make environmentally safe wastewater treatment affordable in terms of the initial financial layout and the economic viability of using a product that lowers operating costs and increases productivity.

The technology used by BluePlanet uses both anaerobic and aerobic processes to improve the quality of wastewater treatment plants and improving the economics of oil and fuel production facilities.

BluePlanet has proven the efficacy of AquaClean during in-situ remediation of oil spills and waste that filters downstream from industry, agriculture and many other sources of pollution that contaminate water and soil, on a small and large scale.

The damage that humans have already done to the environment to make climate change a very sobering reality that is felt throughout the world, can only be reversed by action taken by industries and mankind in general, and there is no better time than the present to make the change to using environmentally safe practices when it comes to the treatment of wastewater.

Many people are committed to making changes in their lifestyle to bring about a greener future, and many businesses are adopting ‘green’ initiatives on various levels in order to contribute to the healing of our planet, however, as long as major industries ignore the absolute destruction wreaked on the environment through the irresponsible release of untreated wastewater into groundwater, streams, lakes and seas, even the small measures that individuals are taking will be less than a drop in the ocean of creating a better future.

An ecological wastewater treatment solution such as AquaClean from the visionaries at BluePlanet is essential to the health and safety of all life on earth, if we do not stop talking about it and actually start doing something about the damage we have done, then facing a future in which drinkable water is no longer available and food shortages become a reality will not be too hard to imagine.

Contact the team at BluePlanet SA today and let them assist you in planning an affordable, environmentally safe wastewater treatment plan that will help to keep our beautiful planet blue for a lot longer!

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