BluePlanet SA designs & implements waste treatment plans in agriculture for a greener tomorrow!

BluePlanet SA is the South African distribution arm of BluePlanet LLC in the US, actively involved in assisting a broad range industries, both in the private and public works sector, to offer sustainable, environmentally friendly bio solutions for use in agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and environmental remediation.

BluePlanet SA clients who have a long view of the future already fully understand the importance of biologically safe practices in their industries, and have already accepted that the only answer to staving off global food shortages and water shortages is to approach all waste with an environmentally friendly product like AquaClean.

Pollution of our waterways is evident virtually everywhere you look – if, for instance, you had a special family vacation spot as a child along the shore of a pristine dam or river, and you visit that same spot today, you will more than likely find that pollution now covers a large part of the surface, and this is happening wherever there are farms and other industries in the area seeping out wastewater.

What BluePlanet SA does, is to assist those in the agricultural sector and in industry to put in place the type of wastewater management plan that is both cost effective and kind to the environment.  Where there is already a large amount of pollution in open bodies of water such as lakes, rivers and dams, the BluePlanet SA team moves into action, and, using AquaClean, begins the safe reclamation of the water, quickly and efficiently.

We rely completely on the agricultural sector for our food on every level, yet it is this sector that can cause the most damage to the environment if waste is not correctly managed.

Livestock is a major contributor to water shortages, in order to provide livestock with drinking water and water the crops that are grown to feed livestock, half of the water that we need as humans is going their way, and, on top of that all, untreated wastewater enters groundwater, rivers, dams and lakes, adding yet another layer to the damage that agriculture does to our environment.

Using tried and tested AquaClean to implement environmentally safe treatment plans based on the different needs of agricultural clients, the BluePlanet SA team works tirelessly with these clients to develop and then successfully implement treatment plans that offer a non-toxic, non-pathogenic bio-product that is safe for humans, animals, plants and aquatic life, which already goes a very long way to ending the damage caused to our waterways by agriculture.

We cannot do without the food provided by agriculture, but we can do without its processes destroying our water!  Swine farm manure lagoons, poultry bedding, compost piles, palm oil mill wastewater and slaughter houses that have adopted the AquaClean system have found it affordable and highly effective in every instance.

In agriculture, AquaClean also acts as a soil enhancer, which brings a biological improvement to the soil, giving it better porosity and structure, and, in the process, cuts down costs as it reduces the need for costly fertilisers.

When the soil is this well-balanced it works to improve the ability of plants to absorb nutrients as well as to become drought resistant, which only results in a greater crop yield across a broad range of crops.

If this is what AquaClean can do for our agricultural sector alone, imagine the possibilities for any industry that produces waste and wastewater! Contact the team at BluePlanet SA today to find out more about what AquaClean can do to clean up your industry and protect our future!

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