Bio-Remediation solutions for open bodies of water is just one target for the team at BluePlanet SA!

It’s pretty clear, once you’ve spent time on the BluePlanet SA website, and the team of nationwide resellers behind driving environmentally friendly formulations developed to reduce pollution are dedicated to their cause passionately, and they do it with an absolute commitment to being part of a better future that gives us cleaner air and a healthier environment.

This commitment to the future of our planet and its natural resources, which sustain us in the full cycle of life, from the smallest plant or fish to the human race, is also driven by the need to show that there is an effective way to reach the sustainable production of food, which is essential in the face of international studies that indicate the real possibility of a global food crises in the not too distant future.

The slogan at BluePlanet, which is everything they stand for together is “Water and soil, not oil, hold the future for humanity’, which is represented in their willingness to advise clients once an inspection has been carried out by the team, and then to create a bio-remediation solution, using AquaClean, to plan remediation and waste management plans that do no harm to the environment.

The BluePlanet SA team has had great success on many large Bio-Remediation projects through the use of specifically targeted AquaClean products, one of which was the Steenberg Golf Estate.

The terms are technical, but those of you who are reading this are looking for ways to make changes to your own waste management in the safest way possible, which means you probably have most of the terms used in the report, which in any event, is going to be kept as simple as possible to give you an overview of just how effective a team like BluePlanet SA is at showing the best of what AquaClean has to offer a multitude of industries.

The golf estate admirably sought out a bio-remediation solution to the problem with poor water quality at a major hole, which was affecting the whole course, had the water tested by experts and contacted BluePlanet SA to create a Bio-Remediation plan that would be effective in the long term, and restore ecology around the hole.

This specific hole is the primary source of water, which is treated municipal wastewater, used for the irrigation of up to 1 200m3 on a daily basis when no rainfall is expected.  Due to the poor quality of the water, its high COD count, suspended solids and ammonium NH-N levels, it was chlorinated at the source to mask the odour, sterilise for e-coli and other pathogens, further exacerbating the problem.

So, there is the very basic problem!  Last word added to this, the dam has an average 770mm of bottom sludge, contributing to a reduced holding capacity for the dam as well, including affecting overall water quality due to elevated COD and suspended solids.

The end result, after just four months of hard work by BluePlanet SA, is a pure reflection of the effectiveness of AquaClean – it’s the result of over 40 years’ worth of studies by Universities and out in the field worldwide, producing, so far, successful in-situ trials in many different applications, so it’s the real deal!

The water parameters are under control, the odour is eliminated, while the recommended sludge reduction has been achieved, surpassing expectations, creating yet another body of proof of the success of Bio-Remediation and restoring the ecology around it.

That makes 2500m3 of sludge that has been solubilized within a four month period! There is so much more involved into the process it took to reach this successful conclusion, but, the basic success is all we have space for!

Ultimately, this hard work has made more of a difference than just remediating this dam, but, with the addition of chlorination stopped, has resulted in the restoration of the soil quality, making a huge difference to all plant life, including the all-important grass expected on any golf course with a superb reputation!

For further information on the technical steps taken in this remediation project, please don’t hesitate to call on the friendly team at BluePlanet SA, they will be happy to share it with you!

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