As clean water dries up in South Africa, what is your industry doing to protect it for the future?

BluePlanet SA is at the forefront of a massive push towards reclaiming polluted and clogged waterways, rivers and large bodies of water such as lakes and dams, while at the same time offering affordable, environmentally safe solutions for the treatment of wastewater in Aquaculture, Agriculture, and Environmental Remediation, among other applications.

With the intense level of research and development that has gone into AquaClean, which is the result of a commitment by BluePlanet to manufacture an effective eco-friendly solution that really works, BluePlanet SA is able to offer solutions for the treatment of wastewater and run-off from industry that is not only effective, but also contributes to a lowering of operating costs in many industries.

With regulations becoming stricter each year in terms of how wastewater is cleaned and recycled, many companies have made more than just a token move towards creating a ‘green’ climate in their operations, spreading this mind set right from healthier office environments to the production or processing end of their operations.

Any industry creates dirty water, which, if not treated safely, will inevitably seep into our groundwater systems and ultimately cause harm to our natural ecological balance, as well as cause health issues among people and animals living in close proximity to this unsafe practice.

So much damage has already been done to our rivers, oceans and dams by industries that for many years were not held accountable for the disposal of their wastewater, depositing dangerous chemicals, heavy metals and other toxic waste materials.

While different industrial processes may produce different types of toxic or waste products, the result is going to be the same, and if history is anything to go by, unless these practices are brought under strict control, everything from bird to plant life and humans will ultimately be sacrificed on the altar of industry.

BluePlanet SA is passionate about working alongside South African farmers and industry, as well as with municipal sewage plants, to continue successful results that have already been achieved worldwide through the use of AquaClean, especially because South Africa is becoming drier by the year, with the effects of drought being felt keenly in many of our regions.

As our population grows, the demand for clean water and a healthy ecological system also grows, making our groundwater as valuable as pure gold, and BluePlanet is determined to assist anyone willing to take the right step to work out a wastewater management plan that will keep this precious resource as clean as possible for a safer and healthier future.

Water is life, yes, it’s a slogan but none that has been truer at this juncture of human history, without water we cannot grow the crops we need to survive into a future free of global food shortages, nor can we water and feed the animals that also make up part of a possible food crises.

Farmers are essential to us, and with the success already achieved by many farmers using AquaClean, BluePlanet SA has already made positive inroads into the agricultural sector, not only stimulating biological activity, but improving the ability of any crop to absorb nutrients to resist drought and other related stress.

Very importantly, AquaClean is also an affordable, non-toxic, non-pathogenic bio-product that is safe to all life, from plants to aquatic life and humans!  Irrespective of whether you are a farmer or are involved in any wastewater-producing industry, BluePlanet SA will have a solution to your wastewater management system that will save you money and save the beautiful continent we share!

Find out more about what AquaClean can do to change the way you manage wastewater, or contact the BluePlanet SA team for information about how you can join an essential revolution that will protect our environment and water!

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