AquaClean is a cost effective, highly efficient answer to toxic industrial waste management.

Chemical compounds produced by industry pose a potential hazard to human health and the environment when they are improperly treated, disposed of or managed in an unsafe way.

Industrialisation is a reality and has become a major factor to the development of any country’s economy through the creation of plants and factories, and it is a sector set to grow consistently into the future as demand from an increasing population grows.

The bad news is that the wastewater or by-products discharged from industries in the form of wastewater are disastrous to the environment and to human beings; in fact toxic waste reaches into every aspect of life on this planet from plants to aquatic life if left untreated to flow into surface water, ground water and soil.

One of the major reasons that wastewater is not safely treated is due to the lack in highly efficient and economically sound wastewater treatment technology.  The arrival of AquaClean brought in by BluePlanet SA has put paid to these arguments, proving highly effective at lowering effluent waste, eliminating odours, reducing sludge generation and bringing Industrial wastewater management systems in South Africa that are ecologically safe.

Other important factors that contribute to the success of using AquaClean in wastewater management systems across all industry sectors is that it assists industrial facilities to expand capacity, lower maintenance costs, which is always a great incentive to putting in place a well planned wastewater management system, as well as stabilising wastewater systems.

The successful use of AquaClean in industrial facilities such as mining operations, metal fabricators, oil and gas refineries, food processors as well as chemical and pharmaceutical plants has been proven during in-situ trials in over 35 countries worldwide, leaving little room for speculation about its properties.

We have already seen the frightening effects of toxic waste on the human population and the environment worldwide, which has resulted in tighter controls being instituted for the disposal of industrial waste, and AquaClean ticks all the boxes in terms of safety and the environment in the best way possible.

If you are ready to contribute to a greener environment and have a positive effect the future of our global food safety, find out about what AquaClean can do for your industry in terms of highly efficient wastewater treatment plans by contacting the team at BluePlanet SA, or read up more about the cost effective use of AquaClean in industry here.

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