AquaClean from BluePlanet SA is formulated to protect Africa from toxic solutions used for wastewater treatment.

Invest in the future of our planet by implementing the use of AquaClean for the treatment of wastewater and environmental remediation in an environmentally sound alternative to the use of harmful chemicals which have caused an immensely negative impact on the natural resources of a once abundantly healthy earth.

Leading edge technologies and an investment in the future development of cutting edge sustainable solutions aimed at addressing escalating negative environmental challenges, as well as reversing the threat to global food production due to water treatment plans that cause damage, is at the core of the development of AquaClean by BluePlanet.  BluePlanet SA was formed as the African distribution partner of BluePlanet LLC in order to introduce this environmentally safe solution into the fabric of wastewater treatment throughout Africa, playing a vital role in the protection of the natural resources of this beautiful and rich continent.

BluePlanet LLC is a US based Biotechnology Company committed to the ongoing development and production of bacterial formulations aimed at enhancing the recycling process of nutrients and waste in an environmentally safe way, keeping well ahead of the green revolution.

AquaClean from BluePlanet SA has been designed to be used with the same high level of effectiveness across many varied applications such as agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and environmental remediation, offering a safe alternative to combating the negative effects that all these industries can cause to the environment.

BluePlanet SA is proud to be environmental leaders who are highly motivated by their belief that only a highly effective, economical and sustainable solution such as AquaClean has the potential to affect the kind change needed to move away from toxic solutions in order to protect the jewel that is Africa.

If you would like to become a member of the network of resellers who are actively involved in finding ecological, green solutions to change the future of Africa please contact the team at BluePlanet SA for further information.

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