Africa makes a difference with AquaClean to change the way we manage any form of wastewater!

BluePlanet SA offers an innovative biological response in AquaClean to combating long outdated and damaging chemical processes that have been used in the recycling of waste and nutrients in agriculture, industrial wastewater treatment, environmental remediation and aquaculture, and its here to stay in Africa!

These damaging chemical practices have brought our natural resources to their knees in every sense, depleting the earth of healthy nutrients which can only result from an environmentally safe alternative to chemical management of wastewater.

The longer we wait to take advantage of the massive bio-technological progress of companies like BluePlanet SA, the more it will affect an already compromised future in terms of safe, life giving water and the future of food sustainability.  A blind eye cannot be turned on advances like AquaClean, it is economical and not only produces positive results for our planet but also gives rise to lowering wastewater management costs and maintenance costs in any industry.

AquaClean is designed for use in a multitude of applications, making it a solution that crosses every border of every industry which creates wastewater, and they all do, whether it is the large food processing plants or farms, each has a role to play in changing how they treat the wastewater they create.

Positive proof of the effectiveness of AquaClean is shown in the success experienced with its use across a diverse range of climatic conditions and applications in over 35 countries, all of which have used AquaClean in-situational trials, and BluePlanet SA is not stopping there, the parent company in the USA, BluePlanet LLC is in a constant drive towards innovative, cutting edge research and development in the field of biotechnology.

The list of resellers of AquaClean just keeps growing, proving that this is no flash-in-the-pan solution, this is our turn in Africa to make a difference and change the way we manage any form of industrial wastewater!

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