40 years’ worth of committed research at BluePlanet SA has produced unparalleled eco-friendly waste management systems!

The team at BluePlanet SA is proudly responsible for bringing AquaClean to South Africa and the rest of Africa on behalf of parent company BluePlanet LLC, based in the US.  AquaClean is the result of over 40 years’ worth of university studies carried over into field trials that have proven highly successful across a variety of applications in agriculture, aquaculture, municipal and environmental projects, and they are not stopping there!

Ongoing research is an in-bred culture at BluePlanet, with a commitment to a continued investment in developing cutting-edge bio-technologies targeted at creating wastewater management systems that are environmentally safe and cost effective to establish.

For anyone reading this, the predicted global food shortages and water shortages are well worth more than just a little research; the bottom line is that agricultural practices that do not take cognisance of the importance of using environmentally friendly waste management solutions are contributing to these dire predictions, and contributing to the depletion of our natural resources, which have already been stripped pretty bare!

Municipal sewage plants and all forms of industry that produce effluence without environmentally friendly wastewater management systems in place, are just as responsible for the breakdown of our natural ecological systems – wherever their wastewater is left to run-off into streams, groundwater systems, rivers and the ocean, the damage increases on a virtually invisible scale, until it’s too late and drastic measures need to be taken to repair the damage.

All untreated effluent that seeps into groundwater, waterways and the oceans has a ripple effect that ultimately impacts everything from crop yields to delicate eco-systems, plant, fish and human life, making AquaClean the ultimate wastewater solution to institute right at the source of any pollution – the prevention rather than the cure!

The ideal is to implement wastewater management using AquaClean right at the source, however, AquaClean is also highly effective when used for cleaning up hazardous waste and pollution remediation, including oil spills and the reclamation of natural bodies of water that have been polluted.

BluePlanet SA has proven, over and over again, that AquaClean also assists industry to expand capacity and lower maintenance costs based on its efficacy, making it the most cost effective bio-solution for use in waste management systems that will bring about major change to the environment.

Regulations surrounding the management of toxic waste and harmful effluence produced by any industry, including municipal sewage plants, are becoming stricter as awareness grows. Getting ahead with an environmentally friendly waste management system now is going to keep your industry on top of what will inevitably lead to heavy fines, and even the possible closure of businesses while they bring their waste management systems in line with regulations.

There are a host of technicalities attached to understanding just what it takes to develop a wastewater management system that is aimed at propping up our exhausted natural resources.

Terms like ‘species-specific bacteria products’ or ‘optimising both anaerobic and aerobic processes to improve effluent qualities’ may be too technical initially, however, the team at BluePlanet SA is passionate about the abilities of AquaClean and will make it as easy as possible for you to understand exactly how AquaClean will assist you and your industry to maintain an ethical approach to the environment!

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