BluePlanet develops and implements treatment plans based on the individual needs of major agricultural clients. AquaClean is used in Swine Farm Manure Lagoons, Slaughter Houses, Poultry Bedding, Compost Piles, Palm Oil Mill Waste Water, and as a Soil Enhancer in Crop Production. AquaClean is a non-toxic, non-pathogenic bio-product that is safe around humans, animals, plants and aquatic life.

Manure Management

Treatment of manure from swine, cattle and poultry.

  • Eliminates Odor.
  • Faster Turn-Around.
  • Improved Composition.
  • Better Fertilizer Value.
  • Lower Handling Costs

Applications for swine slurry and lagoons for land farming or release to receiving waters.
Dry Manure treatment for poultry and cattle in windrows and compost heaps


Organic Waste from food processing and farming practices treated and used for organic fertilizer, with faster turn-around, improved settling, screening and nutrient composition, as well as longer bedding life.

Soil enhancement

Biological improvement to soil, provides better structure and porosity, and helps reduce the need for fertilizers and control agents.

Crop Yield / Plant Growth

Stimulates biological activity, may improve plant’s ability to absorb nutrients and resist drought and other related stress. Field trials show significant yield improvement in a broad range of crops.