AquaClean ACF-32


Blue planet labs provide environmentally safe solutions for agricultural, aquaculture, industrial, municipal and environmental wastewater management including hazardous waste and pollution remediation.

Aquaclean technology:

AquaClean products are proprietary formulas based on targeting select bacteria for specific applications. These bacteria formulas are grown and stabilized for long shelf life, and are easy to apply in the field.

Proven success

Based on over 40 years of university studies and practical in field trials, AquaClean products have proven successful in a variety of applications in agriculture, aquaculture, municipal and environmental projects.

Worldwide applications

BluePlanet has worked with Clients to solve local problems worldwide, and has developed a broad base of practical experience in developing economical, sustainable treatment plans tailored to local needs.

New and improved formula

BluePlanet is committed to work on product improvements. AquaClean’s newest formulas, introduced worldwide in July of 2014, are now better able to deal with difficult to degrade organic wastes, restoring natural balance in crop soil and downstream waterways.