About Us


BluePlanet South Africa is the African distribution partner for BluePlanet LLC, a US based Biotechnology Company developing and producing bacterial formulations that enhance the recycling process of nutrients and waste for applications in agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and environmental remediation.
We are continuously pioneering new formulations, investing in the future development of leading edge technologies, and finding new and sustainable ways to address global food production and environmental challenges.

In agribusiness, our breakthrough formulations significantly enhance manure management, increase crop yields, restore soil health, and reduce reliance on chemical fertilizer and pesticides, while vastly improving farmers’ economics.

Our technology optimizes both anaerobic and aerobic processes to improve effluent qualities, while substantially lowering operating costs of wastewater treatment plants and improving the economics of biomass/biogas facilities. Our solutions are very effective at in-situ remediation of oils spills and downstream waste from industry, agriculture and other pollution sources encountered in contaminated bodies of water and soil.

Our Vision:

Our world today faces unprecedented challenges; significant increases in the human population, unsustainable production practices and inadequate environmental conservation.
Meaningful changes to our current practices can only happen if they are supported by ambitious, proven, cost effective and sustainable solutions.

BluePlanet believes that its products have the potential to change the world for the better. We offer highly effective, economical and sustainable solutions to the challenges faced by our planet’s environment and its global food supply chain.

Our aim is to become a global leader in bio-solutions by:

  • Enhancing global food production sustainably
  • promoting a cleaner and healthier natural environment
Breakthrough Technology:

BluePlanet has unique technological expertise able to formulate and stabilize biologically active products targeted to specific applications that can increase efficacies in agriculture, aquaculture, wastewater treatment and environmental remediation.

Species Specific Formulas: BluePlanet has developed the unique ability to formulate species-specific bacteria products, representing a paradigm shift in the industry. Unlike our competitors who focus primarily on basic bacillus and pseudomonas strains, our products have a much broader selection of geneses and species with significantly greater capabilities and benefits.

Stabilization Technologies Applied: We have developed the scientific expertise required to stabilize our formulas through the complex methods of biochemical and process technologies. This proprietary edge allows us to selectively grow, stabilize, blend and re-stabilize individual strains of bacteria into biologically active products with long shelf lives

Proven Success:

Hundreds of positive, in-situ trials have been conducted in over 35 countries across a diverse range of applications and climatic conditions. Third party studies from universities, government authorities and other internationally recognized experts have also been conducted in 15 countries across all applications.

Agricultural registrations received or soon to be received in the European Union, the United States, Central America, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Dominican Republic, Kenya, and South Africa.
BluePlanet are committed to safeguarding the environment, remediation of polluted waterways and driving the food security agenda through soil and plant remediation.